Latest Bob Findlay Single Discounted

For a multitude of reasons too lugubrious to wade through, I have decided to release the song “Dear Artist” as a single. TheOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA track has been ‘hiding’ in the middle of a previous album & from qualified feedback from an array of areas in the music world, from fans, fellow musicians, distribution companies & overall statistics I decided to make “Dear Artist” more visible /accessible.

“Dear Artist” was released on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play & most other major distribution & streaming sites on 27th August. This is where your ‘wee bonus’ as a “Thank You” for your support comes into play.

I am now offering “Dear Artist” to you for only 50c.

To listen to “Dear Artist” (full length) & download it for 50c if you think it’s a fair price for a good song, just click here.

Surprise New Album Release from Bob Findlay

“TCatharsis Vaulthe Catharsis Vault” is an album containing alternate tracks and takes that were initially intended for a previous album, “Catharsis” but I rejected them in order to create two releases from one episode in the recording process.

“The Catharsis Vault” is available EXCLUSIVELY on CDBaby!!!

This is one for the real collectors & is guaranteed to please.

Award Winning Single “Dear Artist” Only 50c for a Limited Time.

Get the latest single “DEAR ARTIST” for only 50c. Limited time. 50c for an already popular & genuinely good song is great value. Dowwnload it now.

“Dear Artist”

Latest Single “Dear Artist” Out Now

Grab your download of new release “Dear Artist” by Bob Findlay for ONLY 50c.


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“Nuts And Bolts” Special Edition E.P.

scotsbobs music at

“Nuts And Bolts” Special Edition E.P. now available at


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